Dear Readers,

I’ve decided to add “something different” to my blog. When ever my blog is titled with “something different”, it means I’m doing something out of the ordinary. My blog is geared to my sponsors and I do mention other items I use in my styling credits but I don’t give them the attention that I would give my sponsors. Why? Because I’m passionate about my sponsors and I want to market their items as best as possible.

So in today’s blog I’m featuring items by Ghee that you can find at the Fashion Limited event. The sandals, skirt and top but also matching nail polish can be found there until August 25th. All items come with a color hud so you can mix and match colors. These items are limited and only had 41 left on the board when I looked today, so be quick to get yours.


So something different for today is the skin that I’m wearing. I don’t wear other skins besides my own but I wanted to blog this one because of it’s beautiful face. It comes with and without brow option and I’m wearing brows from another skin designer. The skin comes in a lot of different tones and here’s the good part. The designer doesn’t charge for all needed appliers. Use V.2 applier for Slink hands and feet. I’m not wearing any additional make up to show the features of the skin best. It’s worth checking out this skin that is available at “We Love Roleplay“.



*Outfit: Ghee | Nature
*Sandals: Ghee | Nature
*Nails: Ghee | Nature
Skin: Zoul | Iza Sk1&Sk2
Hair: Pritty | Lilah
Necklace: Kibitz | Katarina Necklace Copper
Watch & Bracelet: Mandala | Billionaire Genius Brown

Happy Shopping ❤