Dear Readers,

Zuri has been busy lately, especially with crowns and other lovely head pieces.

You can find the most in her main store but the crown that I’m wearing can be found at Fairplay. It’s available in a variety of different colors. Unfortunately, I don’t have any dates for this event but the good news is, she will sell them at her main store after the event.

The top that I’m wearing is actually part of a dress by Lyrical Bizarre, recently released as well. Since the dress is not fully visible, I will mention it here instead of in my styling credits. The dress is called “Atlantis Storm” and is made of clothing layers and a prim skirt.


*Crown: Zuri Jewelry | Nerea Tiara Turquoise/Amethyst 
*Necklace: Zuri Jewelry | Dangle me Beautiful Elite
Make up: Deesses
Hair: Liquence | F2

Happy Shopping ❤