Dear Readers,

One of my favorite songs by Lady GaGa is “The Applause”. Till this day it still is a great song to listen to where other songs just seem “outdated” when you hear them a year or 2 later.

Designer of Deche has created this piece for the Inspiration Event which will open it’s doors today. You have the option the wear the skirt and top with or without text, add additional hands and buy the headpiece separately.



*Outfit: Deche | Manicure
*Headpiece: Deche | I’ve always been famous
*Eye make up: Slackgirl | Tammy 08 (At 24th opens tomorrow)
*Lips: No.7 | Cupcake Lipstick Black sprinkles (store temp closed)
Earrings: Modern Couture | Acidy White
Shoes: Fashion Addiction | Noemi

Happy Shopping ❤