Dear Readers,

Yesterday I was helping my husband with his new Slink body and we decided to tp into Tableau to get an applier for him.

He made a comment that I’m always the tallest chick everywhere. So I look around and ……. sighs… He’s right! I’m even way taller then he is. So here are my options.. Make a shorter shape for when I’m just tp-ing around on the grid and having to adjust all my accessories every single time I wear them, or I’m just going to secretly log him on and change his height. Yeah exactly ;-).

The dress that I’m wearing can be found at The 24th Event that runs till September 19th in a variety of different colors.

The shoes that I’m wearing are the latest by Machoire. Another piece of art which will make you the tallest chick around, guaranteed ;-). For a close up of the shoes, click here.



*Shoes: Machoire | Ganta Heels Black
*Dress: United Colors | Lina Dress Black
Hair: Iconic | Feya
Make up: Eyes | MONS & Lips | Zibska

Happy Shopping ❤