Dear Readers,

How to begin. First, my apologies for doing a quick snap shot here. I haven’t had the time to fully photoshop and shoot this picture how I would have liked to.

So in our 3rd runway challenge, we had to style Fash and Furious. This was also the last runway challenge in which 33 misses would attend. After this challenge, only 12 were going to be left in the competition.

Still kind of in a haze about all this but I made it to the last 13. They had a tie between 2 candidates so they decided to continue with 13 misses. I have congratulated all candidates and now I’m waiting for it to set in that I’ve seriously gotten this far. Below I’m sharing my styling credits for this look including my background story.

Background Story:

Shazzy just made it in time on the runway, with the keys to her Ferrari still in her hands. For this look she decided to bring out the tough chick in her. When you look at her, you’re not quite sure what to make of her. She looks rough around the edges but also brings some sexiness by wearing pieces that hug her body. By the way, why would she be wearing bandages on her hand? Was she in a fight recently? Makes you wonder how she got her hands on those keys to that Ferrari….

Styling card:

Coat: Paff | Emma Trench Coat Dark Grey
Top: Alyce | Fuzzy Leopard Top
Skirt: Blueberry | Vio Black
Tights: Izzie’s | Sheer Tights Purple
Finger tape: Clemmm | Bandaged Hands Black
Tattoo: Letis | Mirphak
Boots: Maitreya | Stagioni XTD Leather Black
Hair: Boon | GAS760 Chocolate
Hair base: Boon | Lightning Shaved Hair Chocolate
Ears: Mandala | Stretched Ears Omimi
Necklace 1: Earthstones | On the road one way
Necklace 2: Mandala | Sinra2 Samurai Black
Keys in hand: Muschi | Car Key
Nail polish: Ghee | Neon Nails
Eye make up: MONS | Eyeshadow Extreme Wonderland
Lipstick: La Boheme | Kissable Cream Lips Set 1 Sienna 3
Lipgloss: Madrid Solo | Bubble Glops Lips Gloss Only