Dear Readers,

So…. I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat to share this picture/post with you but had to wait till all judges had seen the styling before I could go public with it.

I remember very well when I started Miss Virtual World how it took me days to finish up a styling and I wasn’t feeling the look and kept changing it. When I began my journey at Miss Virtual World, I had to do a crash course on where to shop. I didn’t have much modeling experience and I was a blogger mainly. A blogger that kept her inventory as low as possible and didn’t shop too much (because of receiving review copies). So now, almost at the end of the competition, I can honestly say that it’s become a lot easier. It’s always difficult to put a good styling down but the whole process goes faster and I can be done in a couple of hours instead.

So with that said. For this styling, I knew I wanted to wear a bodysuit. That’s how it started. And from there I build my styling to what it became in the picture. Our challenge was to show femininity but also show the future. The photographer and I worked together to create a destroyed environment in which I would awake, partially human, partially something else. Thanks to Nimoe’s artistic eye, this picture and the story got depth.

This is the first time I’m sharing my thoughts on one of my stylings for MVW. I didn’t do it before because I was wondering if there was an interest for it. I’ve already posted this to my Facebook Wall but will post the details here on my blog as well.

Background story:

Shazzy starts falling out of the sky, touches the ground and looks around. Unsure where she is, she wonders what happened to the world around her as she knew it? All of a sudden panic overcomes her and her heart starts beating faster in her chest. She had been switched off! She looks at her wings that she never owned before and instinctively feels she needs to find a power supply to charge them back up. Her thoughts come together in high speed, she sees further then she’s ever seen, runs faster then any human has. She will conquer what comes her way, she is ready and takes off to look for other survivors to rebuild the world.

Style Card:

Bodysuit White | Graves Mainframe Bodysuit White (includes 2nd stockings and body lights)
Body | sYs Darkside Open Body
Stockings | AviCandy Low-Rise Marshmallow
Leg piece | Corvus Unisex Cyborg Leg
Arm piece | Kera Kera Corvus
Boots | Just Designs Fever Leather Black
Wings | Aitui Mechanical Wings Daedalus Silver
Hair | Ezura Avant Garde Hair E.T.
Hair base | Why not Paris Circles
Optic implant | Scanity Scanner eyepiece right
Eye make up | Beautiful Freak Cosmetics Circuit Grey
Lipstick | Pink Fuel Ink Lipgloss AND Mad Line Lips