Dear Readers,

I promise, I wont be blogging only green, red, gold and silver blogs during the month of December but with this gown I just had to. After this blog I will go silent for a couple of days to prep for my travel and settle in on the other side of the planet.

I’m showing you an original mesh gown by Jumo Fashion but also showing you mesh lashes that Jumo Beauty released this week. These are her first lashes if I’m correct and I love them! They fit perfectly and I have difficult eyes to fit lashes.

The gown that I’m wearing is called “Caliope Emerald” and available in several other colors. The jewelry is included (headpiece, rings, bracelets, earrings) and she has recently changed her resize scripts so the jewelry fits even better then it did already before.

The mesh lashes that I’m wearing are called “huge”. She has released other mesh lashes called Diamonds as well and they are also compatible with some mesh heads.


Other items I’m wearing:

Hair | enVOGUE Clarissa
Cosmetics | Slackgirl & Deesses

Happy Shopping ❤