Dear Readers,

In this blog I’m featuring items by Lyrical Bizarre and Jumo Beauty.

Mother Nature is confused, so are we. We were laughing back in California when we were packing our suitcases with thick and heavy sweaters. Joking that we would be freezing out little hineys off. It’s been cold a bit, sure… but now it’s getting historically warm for this time a year. Yesterday while watching the news, we got a pollen alert as the trees seem to think we are heading for spring time. Isn’t that odd?

With that said, I needed some real winter feeling so I’ve decided to blog this breathtaking gown by Lyrical Bizarre called Kayra. The gown has little details on the chest and hat that are adorable. Lyrical truly made a very interesting piece here.

The lashes that I’m wearing are yet another new release by Jumo Beauty. She has made a couple of lashes now and I am loving each and every one of them. These are called Feather and come with a color hud that allows you to change into 5 different colors. Perfect if you want to look extra festive this month.


Other items I’m wearing:

Cosmetics | Aeva Pout Lip Cardinal
Jewelry | Maxi Gossamer  Jeweled Cyrene

Happy Shopping ❤