Dear Readers,

In this blog I’m featuring items by Finesmith, who is back and fully in business and make up by Jumo Beauty.

So while being in The Netherlands right now, I’m scared of the fact that so many things have changed in the 3 years I’ve not lived here. I feel like a tourist in my own country. People speak Dutch to me and I’m constantly thinking in English and so talk back in English, then realize what I’m doing and revert back to Dutch but mix up the sequence of the words. But being able to be here, is such a gift. The Netherlands truly is an amazing country that understands “gezelligheid” that I’ve not yet come across in the US.

So with that said, in today’s blog I’m showing you a new outfit and jewelry by Finesmith called “wave look”. You can find these at her main store.

The lipstick and lashes I’m wearing are by Jumo Beauty and the lips are her newest release. The lips are for several different mesh heads as regular avatar and are called “holiday lips”. I’m wearing the color maravilha but you can choose from 6 different shades. The lashes I’m wearing are called “huge”.


Other items I’m wearing:

Eyeliner | MONS Eyeliner Print Blackmetal
Hair | Monso Lizzy
Shoes | KC Apogea Platforms

Happy Shopping ❤