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I want to talk about hair today. This past week I’ve visited a couple of events in SL where I actually wanted to buy some new hairs. Mostly I do this directly in main stores because hair shopping I rather do when I am looking for a certain style and tp from one place to the next.

So this time around the events were selling some pretty nice hairs so I right click to buy and then…… I cancel the payment and click somewhere else on my screen. 400LD for a hair?! Another model also made a comment about this on FB today and earlier this week I already felt I needed to make a statement after seeing one hair for sale for that price. So then I saw more hairs being sold for that amount and I felt I needed to write a blog about it. Weren’t events the place where you could buy things at a good price?

What is a fair hair price these days? Has the SL economy grown so much that it’s cool to start charging 400LD per hair and then I mean, one color hair. 400LD is a lot of money in my opinion. We aren’t all blessed with big fat wallets on SL and especially the models on the grid as they spend small fortunes on keeping up their looks.

I truly enjoy when a beautiful hair is made and I will buy it if I want to have it, but 400LD I’m not willing to pay. Someday somewhere out there, a hair that looked similar to that 400LD hair you wanted to get so badly, will be sold elsewhere on the grid.

End of rant šŸ™‚

Non sponsored items:

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Corset | United Colors Wild Lara
Thigh Jewelry | MG Gaia
Shoes | N-core Cleo

Happy Shopping ā¤