Hi Everyone,

Last day for the Hipster Fair! Faster Pussycat has some pretty cool items out at this event so make sure to go have a look. The fortunate thing about going to an event the last day is that you can shop in peace and a thing like region full is non existent :-p.

The piece that I’m wearing today is called Guillou Badbunny (has a bad bunny texture on the dress). This dress is available in different prints, also with the English flag for the British among us. I wanted to wear that dress first but I also wanted to show you another piece that combined nicely with this. Also compatible with several different mesh bodies.

The other piece I’m talking about is Meva’s necklace and if I’m correct, it’s still available at Cosmo Sales Room. This piece is called Boho N4 and available in 2 different types of gold and a silver one. Also comes in 2 different versions.


Other items:

Hair | Dura Boy 56
Lipstick | Izzie’s
*Ring | Meva Spiral Spheres

Happy Shopping ❤