In this blog Lyrical Bizarre shows how system layers can still rock it in Second Life.

The piece I’m wearing is called Hunter and you can wear a mesh panel skirt with system layer, or mesh dress with system layer underneath. It’s an interesting looking outfit that you can find exclusively at Ross Event.

The jewelry that I’m wearing is by Meva and called Net Roses set. This is exclusively available at Shiny Shabby in black, cream, pastel and white.

And lastly, yes I’m aware that I have legs that go on forever in this picture. I’ve been told that a lot lately but I’m a model in Second Life so no way I’m going shorter :-p.


Other items I’m wearing:

Eyeshadow | Nox Flight Shadow Blue
Lips | Swallow Gala Lipstick 10
Shoes | KC Budapest Heels @ Tres Chic

Happy Shopping ❤