Wow, it’s been a week + since my last blog! I have been so busy that blogging took a backseat but I’m happy that today I’m able to show you a new release by Lyrical Bizarre.

She has made a black/white and grey collection of which one item is an exclusive at the Achromatic Show & Shopping Event. The dress I’m wearing is called Jamie and the necklace and shoes are included. You can check out Lyricals collection at the Achromatic Boutiques for the next 2 weeks where all designer exclusives will be displayed.

I’m also wearing a new hair by enVOGUE called “Whitney”. This hair has a braid on the back, to see a back picture of it, click here.

I’ve decided to try lashes that everyone has been raving about. Fate lashes is the brand and I have to say, I love how many options you have with these lashes and how easy it is to make them fit exactly to every kind of eyes in SL.


Happy Shopping ❤