In this blog I’m reviewing a couple of Luxebox items. I’ve decided to hop on board on the Luxebox train and see if it’s worth the lindens but also, to share my finding with my readers.

What does the Luxebox cost? 1500L$. Each month before the 15e, join their group by paying the 1500L$ and on the 15e, you will receive a hud through which you can unpack your items.

In this blog I’m wearing Blueberry. The skirt is called Lover and is only compatible with mesh bodies. It comes with underwear and a color hud to change skirt, buttons and underwear.

I’m also wearing Moon hair called California, also in all colors and I’ve decided to go pink today, just to do something different I guess.

The top I’m wearing by Flowey is called Lisa and comes with 2 separate color huds. This top is only compatible with mesh bodies.

The ice cream I’m wearing is by MishMish and called Beary Ice Cream. It’s a cute animating ice cream that comes in several different colors and also with or without hold poses.

Lastly, the shoes by Reign I’m wearing are called Estee Heels and they also come with a thigh piece that I’m not wearing because it made the look messy but it would fit perfectly with lingerie. These shoes are only compatible with mesh bodies.

So overall, I’m very happy with almost all items in the Luxebox. There was one hair by Lamb that didn’t want to work with my head, unless I would change my head shape and therefor facial features and I wasn’t willing to do that. Apart from that, unpacking the Luxebox make me feel like a kid in a candy store!


Other items I’m wearing:

Maitreya Mesh Body
Deesses Boutique | Royal lipstick (color #3)
Deesses Boutique | Sassy – eyeshadow #11
#Foxy  | Lovers Sunnies
FATE lashes | v2.0
MG | Necklace – Flutterby Heart – Long – GOLD
MG | Necklace – Flutterby Heart – Short – GOLD

Happy Shopping ❤