In this blog I’m trying to look a little like Frida Kahlo. I did leave out the mustache and big bushy brows because I didn’t want to carbon copy and also because I don’t like being too hairy.

So in this blog I’m actually showing you a new release by Faster Pussycat and the joy of blogging for this brand is, that the creator always gives me complete freedom to blog items how I see them. I hope she doesn’t revoke that right after seeing this blog :-p.

The gown is called “Rosalie” and I’m wearing it in blue. Make sure to visit Faster Pussycat and B E N D E R store if you haven’t recently. I’ll promise you, you won’t regret it!


Other items I’m wearing:

Deesses Boutique | Fine lipstick – color #1
Kukuvaya | Rose Eternelle V Necklace {Plum}
LaViere | Hope/Black
FATElashes | v2.0
LRD | Pointy pump
Kunst | Slim Cigarette
Modern Couture Jewelry | Rami Jade Headpiece
MYNX | Rose Ring Small
Prop | Rama Fruity Pink Lavatory (gacha)

Happy Shopping ❤