This past week I’m feeling a little bit meh. When I feel meh, I tend to want to start venting. I’ve already made a comment on Facebook about drama the other day but I feel I want to say more about it. This post is not about myself but about what I’ve been seeing on Facebook done to others.

It’s not fancy at all to start bashing other people on Second Life. Even if someone thinks they’re being vague about it, they’re really not. Everyone sees posts, reads them and understands who it’s about. I understand that by writing this blog, I might get some negative feedback but if someone decides to write their personal opinion about someone and some even include name and details, I find that extremely disturbing. What happened to keeping our thoughts about people to ourselves and not use Facebook as a channel to spread hatred.

I’ve heard of lot of people in Second Life say that the drama that goes around, really spoils the pleasure Second Life brings and make it hard at times to even want to log on. I’ve decided that for myself, I will remove the people from my Facebook that do harm to others, no matter their rank or position in Second Life. The world is a tough enough place already, I for one would like to ride a more tranquil wave.

Ok, so with that said, I would like to continue with something positive. The floral dress I’m wearing is by….taadaa… Faster Pussycat. I’ve already mentioned in my previous blog this was coming so probably wasn’t much of a surprise. The piece is called Donna and is available in standard mesh. For this particular blog I’ve decided to go with a natural look.

Other items I’m wearing:

Body | Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Lips | Deesses Boutique Iris lipstick (color #1)
Lashes | FATElashes v2.0
Shoes | Ghee Dove Pointy Flats
Watch | Izzie’s Leather & Beads Watch Bracelet blue
Bracelet | Izzie’s  Hair Tie Bracelet blue
Hair | pr!tty – Jeanie – {Medium Roots} SLB13 Gift @ Hairology

Happy Shopping ❤